Water Hero helps irrigators make the right choices when it comes to water licence trading. We’re the broker for temp and perm water in the Murray-Darling Basin. Water Hero makes sense of the water market for irrigators to make the right decision.

Water trading is easy when you speak to the right broker! The water market is a complicated affair with varying terminology, trading rules and restrictions. Water brokers navigate this maze of complexity and help irrigators make the right choices when it comes to trading water.

There are various types of water trades and it depends on the area you are trading in. The main types of trades are temp and perm. Temp trades are for the water year and perm trades entitle the buyer to a varying amount of temp water in future years. Both types of trades are handled by water brokers.

The Murray-Darling basin has sophisticated water markets and the southern rivers have connected systems that allow trade between the valleys. This gives irrigators more opportunities to trade water to other irrigators.

Even if you are using groundwater, that too can usually be traded. It’s a different market to surface water but your broker can help you out.

Water Prices

You can see what prices all brokers are trading at on Water Broking World‘s website. There you will find up to date independent water market news and advice.

This helps irrigators plan their water trading needs to enable more profitable and more water effective practices. Irrigated agriculture is a complicated industry and it’s vital that irrigators get the right help to make their water trading plans.

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